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Adriane Flynn

Founder & CEO

Sara Fischer

Head of Marketing

Tom Portman

Head of Advertising


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Take a Revolutionary Approach With Next Generation Marketing, Inc.

At Next Generation Marketing, Inc. we believe a riveting product story is what grabs consumer attention. To ensure it’s meaningful and memorable, we conduct extensive background research to understand your customer base. We transform this knowledge into intriguing promotions which bolster connections that last. Our real-time feedback ensures each campaign is optimized continually for maximum results.

Our branding specialists are masters at turning futuristic ideas into vibrant promotions that build brands’ legacies. We support their collective genius by providing them with an empowering environment and ample resources. Our positive outcomes put us at the top of the industry.

A New Way of Outsourcing With
Next Generation Marketing, Inc.

Give yourself a break and let the Next Generation Marketing, Inc. team take on the challenge of promoting your products. From research to execution, our team will lead the charge in getting your brand the results you deserve.

Contagious Messages

When you add a touch of imagination to a bevy of factual details, the results are messages that resonate quickly with consumers. Once people get hold of your product, their delight becomes infectious, and so does your marketing.

Reliable Research

We predict the future about what your customers will like, need, and buy – and when they will do so. With this knowledge, we build relationships and enhance your profits.

Unsurpassed Customer Conversions

When it comes to acquiring customers, we’ve got the technique down pat. Our branding specialists add a personal touch to each campaign, fostering stronger bonds with your consumer base.

Deftly Executed Campaigns

Our collaborative team seamlessly weaves individual expertise together to deliver amazing solutions with precision and speed. You’ll have your product in front of customers in no time at all.

The Team That Brings It Together

The magic behind your success will be Next Generation Marketing, Inc.’s people. Their talent, passion, and motivation will help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.

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