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Our Managing Partner Team


J.I.P. & Associates, Inc. 

Jerrick Powell

Jerrick has been a part of NGM for many years, and now that hard work has paid off as he opens his own office.


Eagles Points Marketing, Inc.

Tina Harbert

Tina has worked tirelessly to learn the processes at NGM and she is excited to bring that knowledge to her own office.


Balanced Action Marketing Firm, Inc.

Brian Holt

Brian is aggressive with his goals and continues to bring value to our oganization as an amazing partner.


Final Peak Events, Inc.

Ted Philpot

Ted is up for any challenge that comes his way, which has made him such a great partner within our organziation. 

” Here is a man who comes from a very competitive sports background, who rose to the challenge of not only becoming the best of the best in the sales field but learned how to coach others and bring out the best in each person he coached. He is also very strong on family- first mentality. So he takes on every task no matter how big or how small with a passion to bring home success to continue to hit his personal family goals. ” — Kevin Braden

“Here is someone who fell in love with our ethics and style, her core values align with our core values and even though she lived 2 hours away from our office, and refused to believe that it was too far to travel to learn from the school of NGM not only did she makes the commitment travel without a question and excelled in the Management Training Program and became a Territory Brand Manager in her own city faster than I have seen in most other companies.” — Kevin Braden

CEO Brian Holt is a man that does not believe in limitations!! 

I have watched Brian with great curiosity as he continues to push through

obstacles and challenges as if they are invisible.  Challenges are always to be expected in business and of course, success is always measured on the other side of that challenge. The challenges of 2020 have slowed and even stopped the average business owner ... It is a good thing Brian and his Dynamic team are anything but average. Brian is all about enabling growth to the people he leads and will stop at nothing to ensure their success.” — Kevin Braden

​Ted has taken advantage of a growing market that desperately needs his expertise to get the results that were present before the challenges of 2020.  I see Ted as a CEO that is a strong risk taker and he is not afraid to lead the way for his growing team.  I have always believed that the hardest worker with great vision will be the most successful in any business.  I see Ted and his team

of professionals as the future of his industry.” — Kevin Braden

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