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We are proud that our business has expanded and has now opened a new department within our organization. Our team is now coast-to-coast and we are excited to continue to expand everywhere in between. 

Talent Recruting Team



Hiring Manager

 Rose is very passionate about helping anyone that is in need whether it's the homeless or someone who's an addict and even those with mental health problems that need someone to support them and help them. She is also a huge animal advocate and has been involved in rescues for many of her younger and older years! Rose wants to learn everything she can about NGM so that she can be successful and help the company grow!



Talent Recruiter

Janaya is a current student at Central Piedmont Community College in North Carolina. She is working on her Business Administration degree, all while building her career within NGM! She has been working on improving her communication skills as well as enhancing her time management skills. She has loved having the opportunity to learn and grow within NGM and is looking forward to where it takes her in her future.  Janaya's long-term goal is to open up her own business.

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