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All - Around Growth

We believe that success means growth for our clients, our firm, and our team.

Forward-Thinking Teamwork From Next Generation Marketing, Inc.

Our Next Generation Marketing, Inc. Team Approach

Next Generation Marketing, Inc.’s cohesive approach to teamwork is the fertile soil in which our firm has grown. We’ve cultivated one groundbreaking campaign after another due to our collaborative efforts. Our coaching philosophy matches new associates with our top experts, and these dynamic teams provide each promotion with knowledge of what works and a twist of freshness.

Distinctive Solutions From Extraordinary Talent at Next Generation Marketing, Inc.

Our team at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. never ceases to make us proud. We’re leaders in our industry and our community because of the value each of our associates brings. Our progressive methods allow us to stay ahead of marketing trends, and our emphasis on excellence means we’re always challenging ourselves and our team to deliver great things.


Meet The Management Team


Kevin Braden

CEO/ Founder

Earning a degree in business management from Ryerson University Canada, and participating extensively in athletics, Kevin has the knowledge and team leadership abilities to guide Next Generation Marketing, Inc. to lasting success. He is applying his extensive marketing experience to help his people establish fulfilling careers while expanding the firm to new and exciting markets.


Miriam Carlinbryan

Sr. Operations Manager

Miriam graduated from the Culinary Institute of America with a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management, Culinary Arts. Since becoming a sales and marketing professional, Miriam has demonstrated her passion for learning and excellence. She wasted no time helping several brands exceed their growth goals before directing her talents to the administrative needs of the firm. Miriam’s role in the company’s evolution is unmistakable, and all office processes are streamlined and efficient as a result.


Jeremey Palma-Vegas

Sr. Brand Executive

Jeremey is proud to say he has traveled to 22 states teaching and training other industry-leading companies as well as mastered the sales and marketing for one of his top clients. He is proud to be back in business and hitting the ground running.  His long-term goals include being able to assist in the development of more executive managers in the business world and help Next Generation Marketing, Inc., grow even bigger and help grow new markets. 


Anam Khan

Account Manager

Anam is a talented and driven Account Manager who works hard and is an up and coming talent with NGM. In the long term she hopes to create a successful business, learn the systems within the training program and hopes to be a mentor and inspiration to her peers.


Marissa Ramirez

Account Manager

Marissa is a student of San Francisco State University and is seeking her degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Due to COVID-19, she has had to zig and she found herself getting out of her comfort zone learning a different style of events within Next Generation Marketing,  Inc.’s marketing style events. Now that Marissa has been able to successfully promote herself into an Account Manager,  she is looking forward to training others and growing into a Territory Manager,  and helping expand the organization.  

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Paula Aranda

Account Manager

Paula is a graduate from Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, where she got her degree in Merchandise Product Development. Paula adapted very well when she joined the NGM team and promoted herself within the first month of joining the team!  She is passionate about transformational development in 3rd world countries and nothing makes he happier than to help poor and oppressed children and their families. Paula's short term goal is to help NGM scale as fast as possible and help expand the company across the nation!


Vincent Guardino

Account Manager

Vincent graduated from Las Positas Community College with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Vincent is an established Account Manager and has a proven track record with many clients and training others to be successful members of NGM. Vincent's long-term goals include working his way up the ladder of our company and becoming a business partner. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games.


William Rivers

Account Manager

William is a graduate of Owens Minor University and he is a Facilitator/Trainer Warehouse Specialist. He is passionate about pursuing his career in marketing management and he has excelled at NGM so far. In the long term, he would like to continue to drive his career with the NGM team, travel, and spend quality time with his family.

The Horizon Looks Bright

We’re expanding and bringing our special blend of marketing to regions far and wide. See how you can be a part of our growth!

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