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Building a Team While Overcoming Obstacles

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

"Team building while overcoming obstacles is tough to do." CEO/ Founder, of Next Generation Marketing, Inc., Kevin Braden explained. "It’s challenging enough to build a company and to build a perfect team without having obstacles and barriers to overcome as you’re growing your business."

He went on to explain that the downfall for most managers or owners of businesses is how to handle training their team(s) and handling things that just pop up and get in your way and steal their focus. It takes careful planning to schedule exactly how you want to approach each day and step-by-step building a team that will in turn help run the business.

Kevin said:

"I've seen the best managers and the most successful owners handle challenges or obstacles with the team and using the obstacle to teach their team how to navigate through them to hit a goal. Having a positive perspective or attitude will do most of your work because you already know that you will reach your goal and this is so important to teach to your new team. Your team will be invincible with this type of training."

Here at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. Kevin runs his business as such. He is always leading by example and coaching every member of the team from the place of knowledge, experience, and an open mind. Next Generation Marketing, Inc, has one of the strongest leadership teams it has ever seen and we are excited to keep coaching and training from the top so we continue to build stronger and stronger management within our organization.

Continue to follow more about team building throughout April on all of our social! If you are wanting to join a growing team, be sure to check out our website and apply today on our website!

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