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Company Culture

How Company Culture Can Shape a Whole Organization

Next Generation Marketing Inc. prides itself in its company culture because of a team network that is part of a fast-paced business seeking to grow by looking for unique qualities that will help do that. Each person brings something to the team because of their diverse backgrounds, determination to do their best and our enterprising vision to grow.

It is not enough to do what they think is ideal because they have a belief that they can always do better. Kevin Braden, Next Generation Marketing, Inc.'s Founder/ CEO, has created a mentality structure that helps the team learn that anything they set their minds to can be done! “I can do this” or “Let’s do this” are two vital things on the mind of our team as it will help them keep going and reinvent the things that do not work.

Next Generation Marketing, Inc.'s mentality structure comes from the unique company culture; the idea that supporting one another helps each other grow as well as the company and organization. The mentality structure by telling ourselves that "we can do better" it will show each member's potential that led them to get hired in the first place. Next Generation Marketing, Inc. prides itself on looking for unique individuals that will add value to the team in many different ways. There is no one type of person, experience level, background, or education that they look for when looking for new team members. They look to see what value they can bring to the table and how that value can help the businesses, clients, and teams grow together.

“Here at Next Generation Marketing, the growth and mentorship is unmatched like no other. We're really like a family and I have never been happier to be part of a team like this.”

said Janaya Taliaferro, Next Generation Marketing, Inc.'s Talent Recruiter.

At Next Generation Marketing Inc, the belief is that each person who joins the team will become successful if they believe that keeping a positive attitude will get them wherever they want to go.

NGM's Talent Recruiting Team looks for qualities that resemble the unique culture in every individual who applies to the company did not value each member of the team. Every single team member is there to support one another because that is what Next Generation Marketing, Inc is all about!

A few of the things Next Generation Marketing, Inc. offers Team Members:

  • Mentorship and Training

  • Supportive Work Environment

  • Business Courses

  • Learning Marketing and Sales techniques

  • Progression Board - work at your own pace!

  • Building your own team

  • A career advancement structure

"We are a team like no other!"

said Oscar Ortiz, Next Generation Marketing, Inc.'s HRTalent Intern.

Next Generation Marketing, Inc. is structured around a team idea that creating net support will lead to successfully growing and expanding. In other words, everyone in the company has built a strong team bond that helps keep motivation, positivity, and hungry for more! Everyone can be successful but it is up to each person to keep growing as a person and professional. It is not one person's job to create a company culture. It is everyone's job to collectively create an environment that they want to be part of.

"Culture is something that is always difficult to talk about as it is a feeling. But, I will say in my 7-years of being with the business that I have never felt what I feel here from anywhere else. I have found a home with Next Generation Marketing and I have developed both personally and professionally on so many levels. I would not be here if I did not love it. The team becomes a family and the work is fun. Everyone across our whole organization is always willing to help you with anything. The opportunity for growth is not cut-throat, there is so much more room on the top, but who is willing to work for it; and everyone is willing to help along the way which is very unique. Our CEO, Kevin Braden has created a very unique culture and takes the time to meet and coach and even train anyone in any position in our business however he can. He takes the time because he wants to help everyone succeed."

said Miriam Carlinbryan, Next Generation Marketing, Inc.'s Sr. Operations Manager.

Learn more about the company culture at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. by checking out and following our Instagram and TikTok.

If you are looking for a new position that offers lots of upward growth opportunities and awesome company culture be sure to apply today!

Throughout this pandemic, Next Generation Marketing, Inc.'s partners are now covering an additional 7 territories now making a total of 8 territories across 5 states. The goal in 2022 is to open a total of 10 new territories and to build new business partners. The only way that a goal this big becomes possible is by finding amazing talent that is willing to learn every detail of the business, not one area.

All members of the team must start off learning all details with a single event. This allows individuals to move their way up into management quickly and allows their scope to grow as they do. Next Generation Marketing, Inc. believes this business model to be smart not only for the business and team members, but also the clients. As the business grows into new territories, the client list gets to go to that territory too! Meaning the clients get that many more events, that much more exposure, brand awareness, and sales, and ultimately get to grow as well! WIN, WIN, WIN for everyone involved!

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