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Embrace the Discomfort of Growth

The journey you are on wasn’t meant to be easy. It was meant to grow you.

“ You grow through what you go through”

said, Kevin Braden, CEO/Founder, Next Generation Marketing, Inc.

Your growth is where discomfort is. You grow your greatness by exploring and expanding your capabilities. You have to leave the nest to spread your wings. To unlock your potential, and expand what you’re capable of, you have to embrace change and discomfort as a part of the journey.

Most people run in the opposite direction when they encounter any sign of discomfort.

The moment they feel slight discomfort, they attempt to eradicate it because it’s not,

well, comfortable. What they do not realize is that experiencing discomfort is often a

sign of growth and progress. It is a valuable opportunity to improve and become a

better person.

Almost everyone in this world wants to be healthier and get in shape. But not everyone wants to experience the discomfort necessary to do so.

That is why many people do not exercise. Lifting weights or any exercise requires effort, sweat, and feeling some discomfort. It is only through this discomfort that we can get healthier and in shape. The saying ‘no pain no gain’ explains this perfectly. The discomfort we feel while exercising

is a sign that we are getting stronger and healthier. But it requires that we accept the

discomfort and get comfortable with it.

Many people want to start their own business but this requires facing uncertainty and

feeling some discomfort as we venture and try new things. Instead of being comfortable

with this discomfort, A lot of people will give up staying in their comfort zones because it

is familiar to them. The moment they feel a little fear and discomfort, they return to their

island where they will remain stagnant.

In order to change and grow, we must experience some discomfort.

“ If we are comfortable we are not growing. You want to surround yourself with like-minded individuals that are better in areas that aren't. This will up your game and you will be able to get out of that comfort zone in a way where you can learn and grow! When you are out of your comfort zone you are growing! But, don’t give up because it’s hard, embrace change and really know that the season or discomfort is magical for what comes afterwards.”

said Miriam Carlinbryan, Sr. Operations Manager, Next Generation Marketing, Inc.

Every time we experience some discomfort, we must look at it as an opportunity for

growth. If we learn how to ease into our discomfort and get comfortable with it, we will

grow stronger and make progress. There is no other way around it.

Imagine for a moment viewing discomfort in a positive way. Instead of being afraid of it,

what if you were able to get comfortable with it? What would you be able to achieve in

your life? You could start that business you have always wanted to, get fit, become a

public speaker, improve relationships, save money and use it to travel the world, etc.

The key to growth = happiness is learning to get comfortable with the

Discomfort is good for you, so embrace it!

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