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Navigating The Future

Here at Next Generation Marketing, Inc, we pride ourselves on learning something new at every chance we can. We believe that you never know it all, there’s always more to learn and more ways to grow and do better.

“The conference was an eye-opening experience to see the grand opportunities that this business has to offer! …an educational event, a great networking opportunity, and an unforgettable experience! …a life-changing moment. I got to meet people, just like me, achieve something greater than themselves and be able to bring others along with them on their journey to success.”

said Po-ou Kouch, Event Assistant, Next Generation Marketing, Inc.

Knowledge is power, because it gives us the ability to survive and thrive, and more knowledge helps make us better able to make decisions and actions. Being thirsty for knowledge and constantly learning contributes to happiness, and creativity, changes your attitude, and enhances skills, and productivity.

“This regional conference was an amazing opportunity for everyone within the NGM program. We got a chance to meet with like-minded people and network with so many influential leaders, all of which gave us great insight into their personal backgrounds and inspiring mindsets. In just a few hours it felt as if I obtained years of experience, and I can not be more grateful for everyone involved. I can't wait to apply what I've learned, and I'm much looking forward to learning even more at the next event”

said Jacob Sargent, Account Manager, Next Generation Marketing, Inc.

Before the pandemic hit our team had the amazing opportunity to attend client conferences for everyone in the nation! It was a great place to gain a lot of knowledge on the clients we were working with but also be able to give the knowledge we had to others as well. Now on the other side of the pandemic, these styles of conferences became regional and were put on hold as everyone's safety was the main priority. Now, in 2023 we had our first conference which was absolutely amazing!! We were so excited and proud to be a part of this year's quarterly client conference.

“This conference was absolutely fantastic. The format was like a talk show interviewing top performers in the marketing platform NGM is a big part of. The conversations were very impactful with all speakers, from CEOs to up-and-coming managers giving their perspectives and opinions about topics that directly apply to the growth of all attendees. I loved being a part of the 300+ in attendance. I loved the chance to network and meet many people that will play a big mentor role in the growth of NGM in 2023. I am very excited to attend the next one in July.”

said Kevin Braden, CEO/ Founder, Next Generation Marketing, Inc.

During this quarter's conference, our team was able to hear from other companies CEO's that are also sharing the clients we are working with but in a different territory and we are able to hear what works for them and what doesn't work for them. It is a great platform to network for not only the betterment of the company, and the clients but our team too. Being invited to one of these conferences is a huge honor and our team is so incredibly thankful to have had this experience and opportunity to continue to learn and share so much knowledge with the rest of our team that didn't get the chance to join this time around.

Congratulations to the gentleman that got asked to represent Next Generation Marketing, Inc. at such an incredible event, and we are looking forward to the next one later this year!

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