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Happy New Year you guys! It is the start of a brand New Year which means we have a whole lot of new things that are happening!

Going into a New Year you don’t want to keep things the same, don’t stay stagnant, make those changes to help you and/or your business grow. Here at Next Generation Marketing, Inc., our main focus is growth and expansion so going into the New Year we have new goals and plans to achieve to be able to make that happen.

New Year, new season, new goals, new approach, and new clients!

Next Generation Marketing, Inc. is making a shift and bringing on a new client, making a completely new approach to the way we do things while also keeping our current approach and clients.

“NGM is moving forward into 2023 with another new client. We have great leadership that is embracing training with the client to prepare for the January rollout. I am honored to be a part of such a great team here at NGM. Growth is inevitable when teamwork is the main focus year after year.”

said Kevin Braden, CEO/ Founder of Next Generation Marketing, Inc.

Within our 17 years of business, we have worked with our team on growth and expansion and have become 9 territories in 5 different states! Each of our partners are also focused on growth with their own goals and have different clients coming down the pipeline. We are so excited to be a part of such an amazing organization that continues to excel in setting new goals while achieving those goals to continue to gain new clients and learn new approaches.

So what are you looking for in the New Year?

Are you ready to jump-start that new career?

Are you looking to get into sales and marketing and make it a career, not a job?

This New Year, Next Generation Marketing, Inc. is looking for leaders and partners. We aren’t looking for someone to come in and stay stagnant, we want someone that wants a career. Our goals for the New Year are to continue to expand and grow while bringing on new clients, which we cannot do unless we have a team of leaders who want to become partners in what we do.

So what do we do?

Here at Next Generation Marketing, Inc., our team specializes in taking our online clients and building their brand awareness within specialized live events throughout massive retail venues. We apply our proficiency by being in-person to promote brands directly to consumers that ultimately would not have found these brands online as they are not in stores or on shelves without us bringing them into these retailers. Over the past 17 years, we have been perfecting our marketing strategies to continue to help build brands grow to new levels with strategies that are proven to work. During a 10-day promotional event, we engage upwards of 20,000 buyers. Which is INSANE! That traction that we have is massive and is what a business or brand needs to attain sales and growth for the longevity of that business or brand. I don’t care if you are online or in person, the by-product of good marketing is going to be sales, and we have marketing strategies in place that are proven to work so we see 10s of thousands to hundreds of thousands of sales in every one of our 5-10 day campaigns.

But our goal is to have more, more events, more clients, and more territories. This means, more motivated, hard-working individuals that see the opportunity here to be more than just that front end of the event, they see the growth and the opportunity to become a leader and/or partner so that we CAN have more!

“You have a choice… 2023 can be your biggest year you’ve ever had or it can look the same as all of the rest. Are you taking actionable steps daily for the life you want or are you being inconsistent? Success is that simple, if you can be consistent with your actions towards your goals you will have a pivoting year!”

said Miriam Carlinbryan, Sr. Operations Manager of Next Generation Marketing, Inc.

To continue to learn more about us and follow up on our growth throughout the year, be sure to follow us on Social!

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