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One Step At A Time, One Action At A Time

Taking action is defined as, doing something or to act in order to get a particular result. But why do we need to take action?

The answer is very simple. You need to take action to become successful, to achieve something. Success isn't guaranteed, work is required to achieve what it is that you desire. Keep moving in the right direction, your journey is going to empower you.

Action ignites your motivation as you take one step at a time to achieve the goals you have set for

yourself to be successful. When you see the bigger picture and you have those goals set, you're fueling your own motivation by taking the action to do something about it, not just waiting around in hopes that it'll happen but making sure it happens because YOU have the control.

“If you’re waiting until you feel talented enough to make it, you’ll never make it.” ― Criss Jami

Action shrinks failure, failure is inevitable, but it becomes less when you start to take that action.

Understand that failure doesn't mean you fail and give up, it means you failed that route and you learn from it and make a better route. The only way to fail is by not trying and by not trying it means you're not taking action but when you try, you cannot fail. You can't be afraid to lose and win.

Action builds trust and confidence with yourself. As you push through and continue to get back up and move towards your goals, your confidence and trust begins to shine through you because you're proving that YOU have got this and YOU can do this.

Action determines what is possible and you have to be ready to take that step to see what is possible. Nothing worth it is going to jump right into your lap, you have to work for it. You'll miss out on hundreds of opportunities if you don't take action! The more action you take, the deeper your possibilities grow.

“Grow beyond what you see so you can succeed beyond what you desire.”—Kristianne Wargo

But it's not just about taking that first step, it's about making sure to keep your focus on the process,

focus on your why and the reason for the action. You can't do things half-heartedly and think you're going to succeed, you have to put in all the work, all the action, and prioritize the small goals, the small reasons. What actions can you take that is necessary here and now to help you get to that bigger goal and bigger step? Find out why you believe in taking action, what is your big goal, and what is your why? And use that as your daily motivation, write it down and stick it in a place you first look at every morning to start your day. Your why is your reason to take action, your desire for success is the reason to take action. So stop waiting for the action to take you, for success to suddenly happen, and work for it, take the first step.

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