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Promotions Don't Happen on Accident

Here at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. your hard work really shows for what it is.

We do not believe having seniority in a company is an efficient way to grow. We want everyone to have the same opportunities with all of the tools and materials to be super successful. When someone joins our business there are a few really unique things we provide so that they become in control of their own growth.

  1. Online Progression Board: we implemented this in January 2020 in all areas of our business and have seen huge success. In every position of our company the team member gets a progression board that not only shows them what they need to do and learn, but it also allows them to dig into all the areas to study and learn more, quicker. So if they want to be aggressive with their goals and move their way up quickly they can do so! Due to this tool, we see it more and more possible for people walking into our business with even little to no experience being able to grow into a management position within 30-days or less! This one tool takes all of the guesswork out of what needs to be done and really allows someone to thrive.

  2. Personal Mentor: we find it to be very important not just to throw someone into our business and expect them to do well. We want to coach and train someone in all areas of our business and how WE do it. So, we provide a mentor who has done it themselves and knows how to do it from personal experiences. This is a two-way street of learning though. Someone brand new needs to learn all of the things about the position, whereas the mentor needs to learn how to coach and train efficiently and effectively. So both parties are able to gain valuable experience from this partnership.

  3. Daily Zoom Meetings: these are imperative to get a bigger insight into our whole organization. Our goal is for someone to work their way up in our company and not just stay at an entry-level position; so this becomes more and more important to learn about all areas of our company on a bigger scale. We are now across 8 territories and 5 states, each partner brings different ideas and strengths to the table with varying backgrounds and experience levels. During these meetings, you are able to join from anywhere and learn more about the mental aspect of how to become an effective leader and entrepreneur.

  4. Weekly Business Course: these meetings are optional for team members wanting to dig in more on the business side of our company. For the members who want to be aggressive and keep learning about everything even if they are not directly in charge of it at this time.

With all of the tools being available to everyone it still takes a lot more to be successful within our business. It takes desire and hard work. Recently we have seen two major noteworthy promotions. They were in two different departments and these two women have very different goals within the business. But what makes them noteworthy is that they both have the desire and drive to make a splash with the company.

Rose Jandrow was one of our first HR interns that have come through our new HR department in 2021. She has created new positions and is paving a path for new members within this department for years to come. Her desire to grow and innovate has been remarkable and has not gone unnoticed. Recently Rose was promoted to her newest position as a Hiring Manager for all of our territories! Kevin Braden, CEO/ Founder of Next Generation Marketing, Inc said:

"Congratulations Rose for taking your career to the next level! Rose has refused to settle for anything less than excellent and goes above and beyond to make sure her career growth is in her hands. When Rose takes on a project she totally immerses herself in it and will not rest until she sees success. Rose sets the standard for her peers to follow as she leads the way in the HR department."

When we asked Rose about what this opportunity meant to her she elaborated and stated:

"Joining a company and having the opportunity to really take my growth at my own pace has been a huge accomplishment for me, I've been able in just 1 year to promote myself twice into positions that have never been available before! I created these positions with my hard work because I took the knowledge and the support that was given to me by my mentor and those around me and I used it, I used it to help motivate myself to do better and be better. You're going to have hard times and bad days in any position you're in but what makes the difference is how you handle it and how you get through it, if you can do that then you can push through and you can be as successful as you want to be. Keep that positive mindset, that student mentality, that growth-mindset and push, push until you've made it to where you want to be and when you get there keep pushing!"

But Rose was not the only one who is making a splash! Our newest Account Manager Paula Aranda joined our business and has not slowed down for a moment! She promoted herself within 30-days of starting with our company! She utilized all of the tools we provide and did not just show up and expect success to be handed over, she worked for her success and continues to set the bar every day.

"Coming in as an event assistant, I was excited about the accelerated growth within the company. A few key points that kept me motivated during my first 30 days were: Family, being my own boss, and reaching financial freedom. "

said Paula. We are so excited to see where this opportunity takes her and her career!

"Congratulations to Paula for taking charge of her growth in 30-days she has moved from an Assistant to the newest Account Manager. Paula is now more than qualified to start coaching and training the next generation of Assistants as they start their journey with NGM. Paula has a very bright future here with NGM. She is getting a chance to work with some of the best coaches and has proved that she can hang with the best of the best."

said Kevin Braden, CEO/ Founder of Next Generation Marketing, Inc.

Both of these women are showing up in a massive way, but the similarity that they utilized all of their tools and networked up within our organization and never expected anything to just be handed to them is remarkable and intentional. At Next Generation Marketing, Inc. we believe that every event we host for our clients is a vehicle to achieve our goals. Every day we need to be driven to mark things off of our to-do lists and overcome challenges that are presented along the way.

Everyone in our business has the opportunity to do more and be more. But it is 100% up to each individual to put in the work to learn what we do and how we do it. Here at Next Generation Marketing, Inc., we do not require a certain level of experience because you are able to embrace what we do and we will teach and train you on everything to be successful. But, you need to have an amazing work ethic, drive to grow and develop by staying in student mode, and of course, have a great attitude to embrace everything that will come your way within our events, life, and business.

We encourage you to follow us on social media to learn more about the mentality it takes to be a winning entrepreneur!

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