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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Here at Next Generation Marketing, Inc. we pride ourselves on building our team strong from the start by giving them a mentor so they are able to get hands-on training and experience, constantly learning something new so that they are able to be as successful as they want to be. As our team becomes successful individually it makes it possible for us as a whole team to become successful which then brings growth.

Next Generation Marketing, Inc. is celebrating 17 years in business and we couldn’t have done it without our team. Our goal has been growth and success and without our team behind us growing individually we would not have been able to grow and succeed as a company for the last 17 years. There is no I in team and here at NGM, we prove that every day as we continue to work and grow as a team.

“Our company is made up of many different types of people. Everyone plays an important part in developing a company. It’s constantly changing and evolving into a better version every week. 17 years ago it was merely an idea and with the help of so many amazing people that contributed along the way. With their help became the magnificent company we are today. I am here to tell you that if you get to the top of success mountain alone it would never be as satisfying. People are the difference maker here at NGM.”

said Kevin Braden, CEO, and Founder of Next Generation Marketing, Inc.

Why is a team important in a company? Working together as a team saves time while giving everyone more energy to focus on things that they need to get done. A team can help improve the productivity of everyone. Building and developing a strong team, it provides a strong foundation for their future success.

“Team work makes the dream work…if we work together we can all hit our goals faster.”

said Kevin Braden, CEO, and Founder of Next Generation Marketing, Inc.

A team environment is a setting in the workplace that’s focused on everyone working together toward a common goal. So how do you build a good, positive team environment?

1. Build relationships with your team!

Remember that you are a team and to be able to work well together you need to have relationships with every member of your team. Be in constant communication!

  • Celebrate your team's successes and personal achievements, it’s important that you show them you care and you notice when they are achieving goals, recognition is a huge way to show support and gain a relationship.

  • Get to know your team on a personal level so that you can understand your team members, understanding your team on a personal level, you can understand their strengths and how to work with them more effectively.

  • Check-in frequently, not as though you are micromanaging but so that your team knows you are there for them and you are paying attention and you want to know what is going on.

  • You can also include your team in decision-making: send them a quick informal message asking for their opinion. Then show care and attention by following up.

2. Set a regular meeting.

Meeting with your team builds rapport, ensures everyone knows what to focus on, and offers the team a chance to communicate questions or concerns.

  • As a leader, it’s your responsibility to ensure that team members don’t feel left out, so encourage team collaboration and communication.

  • When it comes to setting teams up for success, workplace learning and growth are important. Make sure you are creating a place for learning within the meetings set as well as on a daily occurrence.

  • Employees thrive and performance increases when a company becomes a true learning environment that prioritizes professional development as well as personal development.

3. Set an example while creating a vision for your team

You have to see and believe in what you want your team and team culture to be so that you can provide the necessary tools to be able to achieve that.

  • Be consistent when following your vision, and ensure your actions reflect the culture you want to create in your team by modeling the team culture you have envisioned and expressed to your team at all times. Being consistent shows you are willing to do the things you ask your team to do, which helps to build strong relationships with your team and increase trust.

  • Continue to reinforce this vision and explain how everyone fits into it so that your team remains motivated.

  • Every company’s values and priorities will be different. The main thing is to create a culture that unites employees and sets a clear direction.

4. Give constructive feedback

When you are able to give feedback to your team this helps you build a sense of trust with them.

  • It's important to make sure you're presenting a balanced perspective, whether your feedback is ultimately positive or negative. Always make sure to build, break, and build that way you aren’t just focusing on the negative but you are also letting them know the positives. But also make sure that you aren’t always just giving positives, there is always something for someone to work on.

  • Present issues as things you are observing and give them the opportunity to explain their perspective. This will help you understand how your team members are seeing and doing things so that you can chime in and make suggestions and changes as needed.

  • Provide feedback consistently in a timely manner, don’t wait to give feedback after the moment has passed. Being consistent and making feedback a regular part of your conversations and meetings means that you will both be on the same page in terms of expectations and performance and that when something more significant comes up performance-wise, you'll be better prepared to deliver the necessary feedback, and they'll be better prepared to receive it.

  • Don’t make your feedback personal, focus on the issue at hand, whether it's a pattern or performance on a specific project.

5. Support your team

Support comes a long way when it comes to building a positive team environment.

  • Make sure that you are available to your team after you give them a task so that if they have any questions they aren’t left unanswered.

  • Make sure your team has access to any and all training necessary so that they are able to be educated on any skills they need to be successful.

  • Be kind and honest with your team no matter what the occasion is.

  • Encourage mentorship among your team so they feel like they have support from more than just one person.

Building a positive team environment is a great way to ensure all members of your team are happy. When all members are happy, the growth they can achieve individually as well as within the team is infinite!

Keep following our social while we celebrate our team and gain new momentum in the new year!

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